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用于标记新概念, 警告, 和编程语言中的关键字

用于文本中的强调, and occasionally for quotes or introductions at the beginning of a section.

Used to mark meta-variables in the text, especially in representations of the command line. For example,
ls -l foo
where foo would ``stand for'' a filename, such as /bin/cp.

Used to represent screen interaction, as in
$ ls -l /bin/cp
-rwxr-xr-x  1 root    wheel    12104 Sep 25 15:53 /bin/cp

Also used for code examples, whether it is C code, a shell script, or something else, and to display general files, such as configuration files. When necessary for clarity's sake, these examples or figures will be enclosed in thin boxes.

Represents a key to press. You will often see it in this form:
Press Return to continue.

Lars Wirzenius
Sun Jun 29 13:31:22 EEST 1997