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Peter Anvin. Linux device list. A list of major and minor device numbers for Linux devices. Now included in the kernel sources.

Graham Chapman. Bootdisk howto. Available with other Linux HOWTO's.

Olaf Kirch. Linux network administrators' guide.

Daniel Quinlan. Linux Filesystem Structure--Release 1.2, March 1995. A description of and a proposal for a standard Linux directory tree, with the intention is to make it easier to package software and administer Linux systems by making files appear in standard places. Follows fairly closely traditional Unix practice, and has got support from most Linux distributions. Available via FTP from, directory /pub/Linux/doc/fsstnd.

Stephen Tweedie and Alexei Vovenko. Linux filesystem defragmenter. Available electronically from \

Matt Welsh. Installation and getting started guide.

Lars Wirzenius
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